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Who is Stuff?

...and other frequently asked questions!

Q: What is Stuff Known for?


A: Proud to say, I’m pretty sure we’re known for our SASS. Standing firm by our mission, and policies, is something we never deviate from. We respect our new customers, long time loyals, and ourselves with equal nature, and have never asked for anything back but the same! 



Q: What is Stuff’s mission?


A: Since 2017, this quirky family pressures themselves to ensure everyone can afford to live in the home environment that makes them happy. Being self made people, we know the discouragement of working your ass off only to end up with crusty knockoffs you found in the dump. Hey, one person’s trash is another’s treasure …but if you’re looking for turn-key housewares, we’ll always have inventory below retail value! 



Q: What does Stuff sell?


A: We’re pretty big fans of the weird and the wonderful, vintage furniture and housewares from around the world. Our specialty, for many years, has been nothin short of a good ol’ fashioned Danish credenza. 



Q: Does Stuff have a storefront?


A: Not anymore! Stuff closed it’s doors, in uptown Kingston, on on April 30th, 2022.



Q: Why?


A: It was not an easy decision to make, but it was also one of the easiest. While the business thrived through the pandemic, the demand became too heavy. At some point, you have to ask yourself: is it still worth it, if I’m not having fun? For us, the answer was obvious. The shift will be different, and less profitable, but the time spent with family is irreplaceable. 



Q: Who is the Stuff family?


A: At it’s core, Stuff is a wife and husband team, both locally born and raised (Kingston, and Germantown, respectfully). Monik is a nature loving artist and photographer, goofy movie enthusiast, daydreaming accidental plant killer, and neurotic helicopter mom to “The Kids,” (two dogs, and a cat who may as well be one).  Daniel is sound engineer and producer, detailed portrait photographer, admirer of design and film, and makes the best gumbo north of NOLA.


“The Kids” consist of two dogs, and a cat who may as well be one. Trotsky is a floppy ear doperman, affectionally called “Bonk,” for the obvious (she needs a helmet). Her favorite core memory is running with antelope. 


Mr. Tickles is an American cocker spaniel, whose claim to fame is simply his name: Sir Bearsly Ticklesworth, Harmony of Tokala. He’s a plump, older man, who is hyper-obsessed with earthworms, and his “Mom.”


Kubrick (Stanley) is some kind of slinky, street mongrel, pink panther-like creature. She has a body made only of lungs and muscle, to ensure her every breath is a yell, and near-violent snuggles are unavoidable.



Q: Are purchases pick-up, only?


A: Some items are, but only the rare handful!



Q: Do you deliver?


A: Some items are available for local delivery, which will be noted in their description.



Q: Do you ship?


A: Some items are available for shipping, and will be noted in their description.



Q: Do you know anyone that does delivery?


A: Stuff has worked with some great people, and is happy to connect with you!



Q: What happens after I purchase something online?


A: When the order email comes in, we’ll send you a confirmation to let you know it’s been seen, and to open dialogue about receiving the item(s).



Q: What forms of payment do you accept?


A: We offer secure Credit/Debit payment through Square, as well as accept Cash, Check, and Venmo. Sorry, no ApplePay at this time. 

Q: If I sign up for your mailing list, are you going to send me a lot of crap?

A: Nope! Ill probably forget we have one. The mailing list is only intended to let you know where we will be having a popup, a sale, or something exciting came in.


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