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Who is Stuff?

  In your youth, you probably collected a thing or two. Stuff you found on the ground, while always looking at your feet to see where you were going. Your pockets would be filled with smooth pebbles, maybe some acorn hats, and there would always be a random stick in your hand. Everywhere you looked was something to be explored, and admired. You'd likely take these things home and align them neatly on your aged dresser, admiring the naturally formed designs, and emotions you feel about them.

  As we grow older, we started looking up from our shuffle, and the world became a much bigger playground.


  The collecting never really stops. Instead of our childhood pockets, our homes are filled with treasures we see out on adventures. Where we would once decorate only our bedrooms with our finds, we now have this great space to adorn.


  Smooth pebbles seem so small, now.

  But I'll be damned if they don't look lovely in a sculpted Danish teak bowl.

  There is something truly special about design, and how modern and organic styles can coexist in a home. Being locally born and raised, with European backgrounds, Daniel and I are a solid mash-up of the two. Our home reflects both of our personalities beautifully. His background being within the music industry, there is always incredible sound emanating throughout the house. My background consists of many things creative, and as a result there is always something new displayed. Our beloved pets (one rambunctious cat, and two dogs!) specialize in creating comedic havoc, and are gradually destroying the carpet of our 1970s ranch home. Traveling is something very important to us, and we often like to take the dogs on long roadtrips across the county. Wyoming and Montana are some of our favorite places, but we love to view architecture all over the world. It's incredible to see the influence our Earth has on modern design.


  Daniel and I both love to cook, and enjoy binge watching dark movies, which means we usually end up eating in the livingroom (ha!).  However, this silly detail is really where it all began. We kept clumsily eating and as frustrated as were, dammit, we want to watch the movie! As time went on, Daniel and I kept buying coffee tables, desperate to find the right one. The size we hunted for was a unicorn, and it took until our 7th purchase before we were satisfied. The table was perfect, beautifully sculpted and solid rosewood, but the whole experience left us exasperated. What are we to do with the six coffee tables in the garage?


  Long story made short...

  We started Stuff in late 2017, as a booth. By the end of 2018 we had opened our first store in Rosendale, New York. Come August 2018, we had upgraded to a larger space in historic uptown Kingston New York, and couldn't be happier. It's amazing to have come this far, and to still be going strong with our original values: make shopping easier and more fun, cut out the middle man and do the work ourselves, and keep the prices below retail. 

  Here's to the future!

  Thank you for shopping local, and supporting a family operation since 2017!

  - Monik & Daniel

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