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We're all attracted to what makes us blink twice, drawn to the stories that inspire us, and many times it's a source we never consider. For me, it was a desk. A desk who's surface was littered with tales of creativity and production. It encouraged me to do more, as someone may have done 60 years ago. And maybe I'm a bit sentimental and off my rocker, but I believe furniture can hold energy, still from when it was organic and wild. Why ignore that which has withstood decades of time, and shown it's strength? New furniture is inexpensive, but simply isn't made to last, due to materials available, and.. well... some unsavory practices. Most pieces end up in landfills within two years. By shopping vintage, you're not only filling your home with vibrant history, you're also doing your part to ensure less landfill mass. Oh, and you're buying our dog's some snacks.
Save the world, adopt used furniture!

*Stuff is a vaccinated family, and invites those vaccinated to join us, and shop mask-free in our store!*