As we come to a close on 2021, I ask that we take the time to reflect. Change is inevitable, and necessary for our ever evolving world. We embrace, as best we can, and do our best to survive.

You may have noticed a change in us. Our store, and website, have both evolved. Being such a small operation, things can get out of hand. In the thrill of it all, we forget to live and enjoy our lives. So we have made a decision, one that encourages breathing room, positivity, and growth.

Our online store has been removed to push the focus on the physical. One Main Street continues to be a thriving splash of color, and we invite you to come shop with us, there. 

The Stuff Family is vaccinated, and does not require your mask.
However, we recognize the desire and need to shop safely, and will happily don our mask at your request. As the nature of our goods can often not be deeply sanitized, with regularity, we encourage those immunocompromised to contact us to schedule a virtual shopping trip.

Hope to see you soon!
- Monik & Daniel