This is a really cool three-piece unit, with the added bonus of original pillows! However, this sectional could definitely tell some stories.


The upholstery has been cleaned, but still shows wear and fading in places. One of the pillows has a torncorner, and there is a (small) fixable tear on the back of one section. The wood accents have been restored and cleaned of residual paint and 60 years of gunk *will update photos.


The corner table has two veneered sides, and two bare. This super swanky sectional is being sold AS IS due to being a little wobbly. When it is repaired, the price will increase. It is usable in it's current condition, especially if placed in a corner.


**** Please note the photo showing fade is not representative of how the upholstery looks in natural light ****


Each Sofa is 76" x 32".

Table is 32"x32"

Plush 60's Sectional with Corner Table