1953 Milo Baughman Recliner for James Inc/Thayer Coggin


Outstanding original gentlepersons chic, you cannot go wrong. Milo Baughman is one of my favorite designers, and you may have seen these chairs listed as being produced by Thayer Coggin. There is some fun history, here, so if you're still with me...


In 1934, Thayer Coggin and his family moved to North Carolina, where he would blossom his carpentry skills in highschool. Shortly after graduating, he went on to found James Inc, a furniture company specializing in sleeper sofas and rocking chairs. His business thrived, but felt incomplete and lacked inspiration. 


Milo Baughman, a born Kansas man, moved to North Carolina (the national center for furniture making, at the time) seeking to attract interest in his modern and innovative designs. Each attempt was turned down, until an old classmate of his offered to pass along his information to a friend, Thayer Coggin. After a passionate, hour long presentation, Thayer is said to have erupted, "I don't understand anything you just said, but I'm in!"


Still here? Phew.. ok!


It's funny how a simple handshake can shape an entire generation of design. For the next 50 years, Thayer Coggin and Milo Baughman had a sybiotic relatoinship, and successful partnership. From 1951, until Baughman's passing in 2003, the duo continued to collaborate and engineer. Truely a great team. 


This particular piece is no doubt a Baughman Design, and is stamped with a James Inc tag, making it a much earlier manufactured piece, as James Inc was renamed Thayer Coggin in 1953.


We believe this recliner to have been made between 1951-1953, but I'm always delighted to be corrected and educated - please send us a message if you know more! 




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